Top 2 Tips for Successful Mini Sessions

Mini sessions are amazing for fitting in several quick sessions that are short and sweet.  They’re also a great way to increase revenue while making the most of your time! Typically, minis are only offered on a specific date during a specific time frame, with a limited number of time slots available. Filling up all those time slots on a given day, enables you to knock out all your shooting in one day and fit in more clients. However, photographers can also have a few struggles when it comes to booking their mini session time slots, which is why I want to go over my top two tips for successful mini sessions so that you can make sure you have the best, most profitable experience! 

Top 2 Tips for Successful Mini Sessions

Tip #1: Create Hype!

You must hype up your mini sessions for days, even weeks, before you open the doors for booking! This is crucial! By posting ahead of time, it gets people excited! To those who show interest early on and want to be the first to know when the dates/times go live, you can offer a mailing list. (More on this in Tip #2!) It is proven that people need to see things multiple times before it totally sinks in. Therefore, if you do a ton of pre-launch hype, your minis stay in the forefront of people’s minds.

Creating Hype tip 1 from my Top 2 Tips for Successful Mini Sessions

Tip #2: Cater to your Warm Audience/Email List First

When you are planning out your mini sessions, you should offer first dibs on sessions to the people who you’ve already served, (your warm list), or those who have are on your email list. Offering them the option to book first makes them feel special for trusting you with their investment or information.  You will likely book many sessions with your warm list and those who have already shown interest by providing you with their email. Then, when you open your mini sessions to the public, a lot of slots will already be taken, so the people who follow you on social media, or your cold audience, will feel a sense of urgency to snag one of the remaining slots, leaving you with a fully booked schedule! 

Whether you are planning a fun mini theme or just offering a seasonal sesh, by creating hype and catering to your warm audience you are sure to book out your mini session time slots. This means you won’t be wasting time with huge lulls in your schedule. I hope these two tips for successful mini sessions help you in creating a wonderful mini session experience! Check out my corresponding YouTube video here for more information!

Top 2 Tips for Successful Mini Sessions

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March 18, 2022

March 18, 2022

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