5 Tips to Nail Your Wedding Consultations

If you have been in the photography business for any amount of time, you know the frenzy that occurs around the holiday season and into February! It is a popular time to get engaged, which means that come springtime, many couples start diving into their wedding planning and booking vendors. Booking weddings is exciting. However, before a couple books you for their wedding day, you will have a consultation with them either in person, via zoom/facetime, or over the phone. Regardless, you want to make a good first impression, set the tone for your relationship during that initial meeting, and get them to book you, which is why today I am sharing my top 5 tips to nail your wedding consultations!

Southern NH Wedding Photographer shares 5 tips to nail wedding consultations

5 Tips to Nail Your Wedding Consultations

Tip 01. 

After your initial greetings, start off the conversation by telling them how the conversation is going to flow. By doing this, you set the expectations and you can maintain control of the conversation. 

Tip 02.

Ask them about themselves, their proposal story, and their wedding day vision. By asking these important questions, it allows them to talk about themselves while you gain a better understanding of their personalities, whether or not you are a good fit, and what they are looking for in a photographer and their wedding day. Throughout the conversation you will be able to establish connection points that will establish trust, and as a result create a wonderful client relationship!

Tip 03.

Wait for them to ask you questions about the wedding experience and what you provide rather than spilling your entire story to them. You don’t want to bombard them with information they already know or don’t care about. Make sure the talking is 80/20, the more talking they do the better! 

Tip 04.

Towards the end of the conversation, begin to transition into what the next steps are in the process and encourage them to ask any questions they have. Make sure  you maintain control of the conversation throughout this part of the consultation. Let them know they can contact you after the consultation should they think of any questions, and end by telling them when they can expect to receive your wedding contract and invoice. Then *when* they are ready to seal the deal, they can sign the contract & put down the deposit. 

Bonus Tip: Always make sure when  you are talking to a potential client, you say *when* you are ready to book, not *if* you are ready to book. 

Tip 05.

Lastly, instill excitement! Before hanging up, make sure to end on an excited, positive note! You don’t want to end the conversation with contract/money talk. Instead, let them know the next exciting steps in the process! Mention that once they sign the contract they will be receiving a welcome package. (Be sure to check out my recent blog about welcome gifts for wedding clients!) From there, hype up how excited you are for them, to start planning their engagement session, and making their wedding day vision come to life! 

Wedding consultations might seem intimidating when you are starting out, but just remember these 5 Tips, and you are sure to Nail Your next Wedding Consultation!  You can view my corresponding YouTube video here for more information! 

Wedding Consultation tips

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March 25, 2022

March 25, 2022

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