Welcome Gifts for Wedding Clients | Gift Ideas To Send Your Couples

Have you ever received an unexpected gift from someone? I don’t know about you, but it immediately brings a smile to my face. Even just a thoughtful, “Thank You” card goes a long way! When you send your clients a welcome gift, it makes them feel special and important, because they are! When they sign on as your client you want to give them the full client experience, which is why I always send a Welcome Gift to my couples after they have officially booked me for their wedding photography! This simple gesture lets them know that they are valued by me! It also immediately shows them the experience I provide, while making them feel connected and comfortable like an old friend! 

Welcome Gifts for Wedding Clients

Welcome Gifts for Wedding Clients: Gift Ideas To Send Your Couples When They Book You For Wedding Photography!

When selecting the items for my Welcome Gift, I have a few staples that I always include, all of which are linked below for your ease of reference!! The first item is a small, champagne toast scented candle that says “OMG! You’re Engaged”. This is a favorite and is a fun way to celebrate their engagement as their photographer. Along with the candle, I also include a cute box of matches with a gold foil heart on the front for lighting their candle, and a ring cleaning pen! The ring cleaning pen will come in handy to make their diamond sparkle before engagement and wedding photos!

I put all of these items inside a mailer box and fill it with crinkle paper! In addition, I include a printed copy of my Wedding Experience Guide! A template of my guide is available for purchase in my shop here! My Wedding Experience Guide walks my clients through every step from their engagement sesh, to building their wedding album, which helps them prepare for their experience with me and ensures the best possible outcome for their photos! 

Welcome Gifts for Wedding Clients: Gift Ideas To Send Your Couples When They Book You For Wedding Photography

Last, but certainly not least, I include a handwritten note thanking them for choosing me to capture their special day! This is the most important part of the whole gift!  A handwritten thank you note goes a long way and makes everything more personable. I encourage you to always send a handwritten thank you note or card, even if you don’t send a gift package. It is a thoughtful gesture that will set you above the rest and lets your couples know that you are as excited for their wedding as they are!

Be sure to check out my corresponding youtube video HERE!

Welcome Gift Box Items for Wedding Clients: 

“OMG! You’re Engaged” Candle

Heart Matchboxes 

Diamond Ring Cleaner

Allison Clarke Photography Wedding Guide Template 

Are you planning your dream wedding day?  If so, Congratulations!! Please Contact Me today to learn more information about my wedding photography offerings! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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March 11, 2022

March 11, 2022

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