Top Five Posing Prompts for Couples

I absolutely love taking photos of people in love! Whether it’s for a couple’s engagement or their actual wedding day, there is something just magical about these portraits. There are more times than I count that couples tell me they aren’t good in front of a camera. BUT there is actually no such thing! I always love using prompts to help my couples loosen up and feel more comfortable being photographed. Out of all of my prompts, there are FIVE that I love to use during sessions that help bring out genuine laughter and smiles, and make for the best pictures.

Here are my top five posting prompts for couples!

Posing Prompt for Couples Photography Engagement Session

One: Romantic Move Kiss

I’ll ask one of them to cup the other’s face and go in for a wicked slow kiss, like they’re in a Nicholas Sparks movie! The moment right before they touch lips when their smiles are big and they are nose to nose is my personal favorite moment.

Even for the couples who aren’t into to PDA, these pictures still turn out to always be a favorite. Plus, it’s also a great way to show of your wedding ring!

Kissing Prompts for Wedding Couple Photography Session

Two: Machine Gun Kisses

This one is a bit less romantic, but always sparks genuine laughter! I’ll have one of them kiss the others face all over as fast as they possibly can. And then, I’ll usually ask them to do it again, but with twice the speed!

Again, it may feel a bit awkward for you as the couple, but it always makes for such fun pictures!

five posing prompts for couples: the drunk walk

Three: The Drunk Walk

For this pose, I’ll have couples hold hands and walk towards me. I’ll have them pretend like they are coming out of a bar at 2 AM and are still a tad bit tipsy! They can act like everything is hilarious or can bump hips they they’re unable to keep their balance. Either way, these pictures always turn out so much better than your typical slow walk down a sidewalk.

five posing prompts for couples: the twirl

Four: The Classic Twirl

You can never EVER go wrong with a classic twirl, in my opinion! This pose is always nice for my brides who have flowy wedding dresses. I always suggest doing a 180 degree twirl versus a 360 twirl, as the bride swishes her dress back and forth. The photos always appear as if the couple is doing a full twirl, but without all the stumbling!

five posing prompts for couples: the sexy alphabet

Five: Sexy Alphabet

A personal favorite of mine, and the fifth and final prompt I’m sharing today, is called the Sexy Alphabet. I’ll have my couple get really close to each other, either forehead to forehead or nose to nose. Then, I’ll have one of them whisper into the other’s ear the entire alphabet in the most seductive voice they can muster. It’s comical as a photographer to watch because people rarely get past the letter “F,” although I did have one groom make it all the way to the letter “K” before has laughing way too hard at himself!


And, there you have it, my top five posing prompts for couples! 

If you are interested in learning more about an engagement session with me or wedding photography, I’d love to chat with you! All you have to do is click this link to contact me. I can’t wait to learn more about your love story!


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March 28, 2022

March 28, 2022

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