Senior Inquiry Response: 4 Things To Include

As a photographer, your response to inquiries received will likely determine whether or not you receive a booking. If you are a senior photographer, your response is even more important, because most seniors don’t check their email as often as adults, or business owners! Today I am going to outline 4 things to include in your senior inquiry response that will help you convert inquiries to bookings, prevent ghosting, and bypass unnecessary back and forth and answering of questions down the line. 

4 Things To Include in Your Senior Inquiry Responses

Senior in teal sweater -4 Things to Include in Your Senior Inquiry Response

01. Show Gratitude

The first thing to include in your senior inquiry response is a big ‘Thank you!’  You want to come off as warm and inviting by thanking them for reaching out and getting excited with them. This will help break the ice and communicate to them that you are truly looking forward to their session! 

4 Things to Include in Your Senior Inquiry Response

02. Provide Availability Options   

The next thing I include in my inquiry response are options for scheduling. I typically provide two or three different dates and times that I am available. By doing this, they are working around my schedule, rather than me trying to work around theirs. I have found with seniors, that if I ask when they’re free, I end up working days or times I don’t want to or normally don’t offer. 

Another benefit to providing availability options upfront is that you are more likely to book their session faster!  

4 Things to Include in Your Senior Inquiry Response

03. Include Pricing Information

Number three is important! When responding to senior inquiries, I always include my brochure that outlines everything included in my senior packages, as well as the cost of each package. The brochure walks them through my entire process leading up to their session and following their session. 

Providing package and pricing information in the initial response will help you both! If you’re within their price point they will move forward with the booking process.  If not, you avoid wasting time answering questions about your process, only for them to pass. Providing all the details and information about your packages and process in an attachment also communicates professionalism. This also saves you precious time answering questions later, as they have information they can refer back to!

When adding information as an attachment, always mention in your email response that a brochure/information sheet is attached for them to review! 

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04. Remind them to Turn On Email Notifications

The final thing you should include in your senior inquiry responses is a reminder for them to mark you as a safe sender/turn on email notifications from you. As I mentioned earlier, most seniors don’t check their email as often, and sometimes emails end up in the junk or spam folders. 

By sending them this important reminder, they are more likely to respond to your emails in a timely manner.  This will allow you to get through the booking process faster. 

Don’t forget to close out your response with another ‘thank you’ and let them know you are excited to hear back from them. I also try to highlight and summarize the other points I mentioned earlier. For example, I might say, “after you’ve checked out the brochure and peeked at your calendar, please let me know if you have any further questions regarding the process and which of the above dates works best for you!”  It is a nice closing that summarizes and reminds them of what they need to do, like a call to action! I hope these four important items to include in your senior inquiry responses help you save time and lead to more bookings, faster!

Please Contact Me to learn more information about my senior photography offerings! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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November 26, 2021

November 26, 2021

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