Top Four Favorite Locations for Senior Sessions in New Hampshire

This past senior season was busy! I had so much fun getting to know amazing soon-to-be graduates from all around New Hampshire! Having photographed so many amazing seniors all over the area, I can tell you the best spots for taking bright, beautiful photos with absolutely stunning sceneries. I want to share with my top four favorite locations for senior sessions in New Hampshire!

Top Four Favorite Locations in New Hampshire

01. Prescott Park

First on my list is Prescott Park! This park is the best in the late summer and early fall, for those who love flowers, fountains, and charming seacoast towns! This picturesque location is beautifully decorated in lovely colors from the many flowers that cover the area!  

02. Bedford Village Commons

My second favorite location in New Hampshire is the Bedford Village Commons! This spot is beautiful all year. There is an idyllic area covered in wildflowers during the summer! In the fall months, you’ll see trees by the pond turning fiery red, burnt orange, and golden yellow, painting a stunning backdrop for senior photos! 

03. Beaver Brook Association

 Next up on my list of favorite locations is Beaver Brook Association!  This spot is perfect for seniors who want a more rustic or rural feel! It features tons of open field space with tall green grass. While this spot is great year-round, during autumn the trees turn bright orange and it is magical! 

04. Greeley Park 

Last on my list of top four favorite locations is Greeley Park! This amazing spot offers a TON of variety. There are charming stone structures, one of them being a water fountain that I just love to incorporate in my senior photos! Greeley Park also features a community garden that is painted in lovely, vibrant colors making it a perfect summer spot for pictures!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of top four favorite locations for senior sessions in New Hampshire! There are so many wonderful locations around New Hampshire that it was hard to narrow them down, but these four are by far my favorite and offer the greatest variety for pictures. 

Do you know of another hidden gem in the area? I’d love to hear about it!  Contact Me and let me know of other awesome senior portrait locations and to learn more information about my senior photography offerings! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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November 12, 2021

November 12, 2021

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