Speed Up Your Editing Workflow | Portrait Photographer Tips

As a portrait photographer, you’re constantly looking for ways to make your workflow as efficient as possible. Editing photos can be a tedious task, but there’s a simple trick you need to know to speed up your editing process in Lightroom Classic. I use Lightroom Classic to edit all of my images, from senior sessions to weddings, and there is one holy grail button that has allowed me to drastically speed up my editing workflow, all while keeping my images consistent! Here is how you can speed up your editing workflow too!

Speed Up Your Editing Workflow | Portrait Photographer Tips

What is this magical, time-saving button? 

Glad you asked! This button is the “sync” button! You can find it in the Library and Develop modules. Here is how it saves precious time: When editing, I’ll edit an image from each different lighting scenario or location. Then, I’ll select all of the images from that set, including the one I just edited, and click the sync button in the bottom right corner. Then, viola!

speed up editing in Lightroom classic

Once you hit synchronize, you’ll see the edits automatically pasted onto each of the photos you selected! This form of batch editing allows you to edit quickly and keep your final images consistent with one another! How amazing is that?! This magic button has saved me countless hours of editing and I hope you find it useful in your portrait editing!

time-saving editing tip

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February 24, 2023

February 24, 2023

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