Portrait Editing Software | The Only 2 Programs You Absolutely NEED in Your Portrait Editing Workflow

Portrait Editing Software | The Only 2 Programs You Absolutely NEED in Your Portrait Editing Workflow

All photographers will agree that having an editing workflow will save you time and energy. However, as many starting out in photography will see, there are a lot of different program options to choose from. There are also a lot of features within each program that you must learn. As a result, you want to make sure the portrait editing software you select is user friendly too! Over the years I have perfected my system, and I am excited to share the only two programs you absolutely NEED in your portrait editing workflow.

01. Lightroom Classic

First on my list is Lightroom Classic! This is the only program you need for everyday portrait editing. I don’t use Photoshop or any other portrait retouching programs, as Lightroom Classic has everything I need. The software  allows me to do all of my global and local adjustments. Using self-created presets allows me to speed up my portrait editing workflow and deliver galleries faster. This software also has tools such as the spot removal tool and brush tool which let me whiten teeth, smoothen skin, remove acne & stray hairs, etc. Lightroom Classic is truly an amazing editing program!

02. FastRawViewer

The second software I swear by for my portrait editing is FastRawViewer. This program is similar to other popular programs like Photo Mechanic. However, what I love about FastRawViewer is that it is an inexpensive, and a very user friendly program that allows you to sort through your images FAST!

Since Lightroom can run slower the more information you upload to the catalog, it’s best to only upload what you need! I often take 500-700 images per senior session, which I can very quickly cull through before uploading only the best images to my Lightroom catalog. FastRawViewer also renders RAW files faster than Lightroom does, so I don’t have to wait for the preview to load before deciding whether or not to keep it, which also speeds up my workflow! 

Between these two programs I can go through the editing process at lightning speed. This editing workflow has dramatically improved how I edit portraits and left me with more time to devote to other aspects of my business!

my portrait editing workflow

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January 20, 2023

January 20, 2023

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