New England Summer Engagement Portraits

June was an incredibly exciting month for me as I had the privilege of photographing some amazing engagement sessions and meeting even more of my 2024 couples! These beautiful couples were seeking the perfect early summer vibes for their sessions. Together, we ventured to many beautiful locations all over New England, capturing their gorgeous summer engagement portraits.

Summer Engagement Portraits

The warm sunshine, soft golden light, and vibrant colors of the season only added to the beautiful couple portraits. Each couple radiated joy and excitement as they eagerly anticipated their upcoming wedding day. Capturing their engagement sessions allowed me to freeze moments from this exciting and fleeting season of life together.

We explored open fields of tall grass, kicked up some waves on a Massachusetts beach, strolled through coastal towns of Portsmouth New Hampshire and Portland Maine, took in the seasonal gardens of Beaver Brook in Hollis, and even grabbed an ice cream cone for a fun, cool treat! Each of these sessions were special and unique in their own way!

I will admit, one of my favorite moments from these summer engagements was when a couple and I grabbed some ice cream to wrap up the night!  Not only was I immediately on board with their idea, but the result was 100 times better than I could have imagined!    

These summer Engagement sessions were truly a dream! I loved working with each beautiful couple, getting to know them more, and watching their personalities and love come alive! 

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June 30, 2023

June 30, 2023

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