Poses with a Jacket

Y’all know how much I love portrait posing, so this week I’m talking all about poses with a jacket! I always adore when my senior clients bring a jacket to layer with one of their outfits, because it’s so versatile and helps add a ton of variety to not only their poses, but their final gallery as well! You can also do a lot of these poses with a cardigan, it doesn’t just have to be a jean jacket!

A common mistake that I see a lot of portrait photographers make is not using the full potential of the jacket. Your client doesn’t have to keep their arms in the sleeves and their shoulders covered the whole time, you can shake it up! Here are some of my top favorite poses with a jacket:

1. Sling it over their shoulder! This can be done in a few ways. You can have your client facing 3/4 of the way away from you, looking over their shoulder as the jacket is slung. You could also make this a “candid” moment, and have them take a step as their sling their jacket, and laugh over their shoulder!

posing with a jacket

2. Rest it on their shoulders, but have them keep their arms out of the sleeves. This pose can look super cute and cozy, or give off editorial vibes! It all depends on what you have them do with their hands and where you have them looking. I always have my clients put their thumbs in their belt loops, hold their jacket, or touch their hair.

poses with a jacket

3. Have them slouch the jacket off their shoulders! This is really flattering from a side profile or when they’re turned 3/4 away. Like the last one, this can be super cute or editorial!

pose ideas with a jacket

4. Last but not least, have them wear it normally! From there, you can have them put their hands anywhere. Belt loops, jacket pockets, on jacket collar, or in their hair are all great options. The possibilities are endless!

poses with a jacket

I hope that you enjoyed this little bit of posing inspiration, and be sure to check out my Youtube & Instagram for some behind the scenes of me posing actual clients!

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February 15, 2021

February 15, 2021

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