My Favorite Wedding Moments as Your Photographer

“What’s your favorite wedding moment,” is a question I get asked often by family members and wedding guests. To be honest, it’s not an easy question to answer. There are SO many moments that stand out to me as a wedding photographer.

Each wedding moment is so unique to each of my couple’s wedding day, that reliving all my favorite moments almost every weekend is always a new experience in its own special way. So, instead of trying to narrow down to just one singular moment, I’ve made a list of my top 9 favorite wedding moments!


1. The Details! 

You’ve taken the time to carefully select your wedding invitations, earrings, shoes, and other accessories. This is why they deserve a set time in the wedding day schedule to be photographed!

Laying out your sentimental details and accessories for a flat lay gives me a glimpse into what you love as a couple. I always enjoy getting to see personalities shine through what people may often think are the smallest details when it comes to a wedding!


2. Champagne Pop! 

I always recommend that my couples bring two bottles of champagne. One for drinking and the other for spraying and cheering! This is always a favorite shot of mine to capture because it reminds you to de-stress and just have fun on your wedding day! The trick for a successful champagne pop is actually to NOT shake it before you pop off the cork. Instead, you should open it up, put your thumb halfway over the opening, and shake it like a Polaroid picture!


Champagne Wedding Toast with Bridesmaids, a favorite wedding moment

3. Final Getting Ready Moments

This is when the rawest and most heartfelt emotions appear on wedding days. The moment of a mother, grandmother, Maid of Honor, or role model in the bride’s life, helping zip her dress and put on those final accessories.

The “this is it” feeling starts to sink in and happy tears are shed as moms look at their daughters in a beautiful dress, and I know they are just remembering their 5-year-old girl who used to play dress up.

I just love being a fly on the wall in this very moment!

4. The First Look

From the “this is it” moment to the “we are really doing this” moment, I’m here for allll the emotions.

The first look is a special and intimate moment for you as a couple to be with each other and de-stress before you tie the knot. I’ve learned that first looks really do help couples shed away all those wedding day jitters!

And, even amidst rain, wedding days are still magical.

5. The Reaction

This one is a favorite moment amongst many and for good reason. I have couples that often want to forego a first look so they can see the initial reaction of each other when they walk down the aisle. But, let me let you in on a little secret… both of the photos below are of grooms who did a first look with their partner!

You’ll still have a genuine and heartfelt reaction of your significant other when walking down the aisle.

6. The Recessional

Gosh, the smiles that you see after a couple is pronounced newlyweds are always the biggest and brightest. That just married feeling always shows when a couple walks down the aisle and the party is about to begin!

7. Golden Hour Portraits

Sunset is a great time to slip away from your guests, enjoy each other’s company and newlyweds, and get stunning pictures all at the same time.

Your wedding day will be a whirlwind, so taking the time to get golden hour portraits, is something I highly recommend as your wedding photographer. Plus, they are one of my favorites to edit in your gallery.


8. The First Dance

Couples worry too much into their first dance, but know that you shouldn’t have to worry even if you aren’t the best of dancers. A first dance is a classic tradition that I love watching. From small talk and grins, to the groom singing the words to the song to his bride, I am here for it.

I also especially love when the wedding party lines the dance floor so you get to see everyone’s reaction all in one photo!

favorite wedding moments

My Final Favorite Wedding Moment…

9. PARTAY Time!

The last personal favorite wedding moment of mine (and many of your guests, too!) is when the party truly begins. The dance floor is open and people show off their best moves.

It’s toward the end of the day that some of the funniest memories and best pictures are captured.

favorite wedding moment


And, there you have it… my favorite wedding moments as your wedding photographer! Tell me in the comments what your favorite moment is. If you can pick just one, that is!


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September 20, 2021

September 20, 2021

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