Favorite Locations for Engagement Photos In New Hampshire

The state of New Hampshire has so much natural beauty, so my list of favorite locations for engagement photos is quite long! From the White Mountains to the seacoast, there are so many scenic spots that I adore. Whenever a couple books me for their wedding, they receive a complimentary engagement session with their package. This session allows me to get to know my couples better. It also allows them to learn a little bit more about my photography style before I shoot their big day! Most couples don’t have a clue where they want to have this session, and I am always more than happy to offer up my advice! I always begin by asking what style of location they prefer: coastal, rustic, urban, the list goes on! Once they let me know what their ideal location style is, I will send along my list of favorite locations for engagement photos. Here are just some of them…


For the most rustic feel, I always recommend Mack’s Apples in Londonderry, New Hampshire. From the red barn, to the weeping willow, to the rows of apple trees, this orchard is one of my all-time favorite locations for photos of any kind. It offers so much variety, and the light here is beautiful at golden hour. If your engagement session is in the spring, you might even be lucky enough to see the apple blossoms while you’re here!

favorite locations for engagement photos


If you’re looking for a nice park area, my favorite is Stark Park in Manchester, New Hampshire. This little park also offers a ton of variety, including a white gazebo, maintained lawns, flowers, and a few birch trees! If you’re looking for a classic, outdoor location for your engagement photos, Stark Park is the way to go.

favorite locations for engagement photos


Lastly, my favorite coastal location is Prescott Park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Not only is this park right on the water, but it also has a beautiful garden. Also, if we have extra time, we can take a few shots around the adorable streets of Portsmouth. This park is to die for, and will always be one of my favorite locations for engagement photos!

favorite locations for engagement photos

I hope that this post was able to inspire you and help you choose your location for your upcoming engagement session! Remember to choose the spot that speaks to you as a couple the most, and let your interests and personalities shine through! Now, if you need help choosing your outfits for your session, check out this Pinterest board made by yours truly.

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May 4, 2020

May 4, 2020

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