8 Important Details for Your Wedding Day

When your wedding day is over, the food will be gone, the flowers will die, and your dress will be hung. The only thing that will last beyond your big day (besides your marriage) is the photographs! And, when it comes to deciding what kind of shots you want your wedding photographer to capture, people tend to forget about the details. Yes, bride and groom portraits are important, and candids of your guests partying at the reception are a must, but the details are a major part of your wedding day too! Years from now, when your children or grandchildren are showering you with questions about your wedding, don’t you want photos of every little piece of it to show them? If you answered yes, here is a list of details that you absolutely should not forget!


The dress is one of the most important details, on and off the bride! Most brides will get a photo of their dress hanging before they slip into it, but if you want a REALLY nice shot of it, trust your photographer and let them go off with it for a minute! There may be a really beautiful spot in the venue, or a gorgeous spot outside!

wedding dresses hanging indoors and outside


There are so many flowers involved in your wedding day, from the bouquet to the boutonniere to all of the centerpieces. It’s essential to capture each and every one! Even if you dry your flowers and keep them, you’ll want to remember what they looked like in full color and glory!

colorful wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, and hair pieces


Your wedding bands aren’t the only important piece of jewelry to photograph! You should have your photographer capture everything. This includes your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and any other piece of jewelry you may have!

bride's earrings, necklaces, and rings on flowers and flat lays


Not many people will see the bride’s shoes hiding under her wedding dress on the big day, so you’ll need photos of them to show off later!

 bride's heels and groom's leather dress shoes


Your centerpiece may be flowers, lanterns, candles, or something else that’s special! Last summer, I photographed a Disney themed wedding. Each of the centerpieces were HANDMADE by the bride and represented different Disney movies! They were absolutely adorable, and I made sure to capture every one!

wedding table centerpieces including flowers, candles, and themed objects


Flat lays are a great way to capture all of your details at once! Your photographer should include your invitations, your jewelry, a sample from your bouquet, your perfume, and any other objects that exemplify the mood and theme of your wedding day!

flat lays including invitations, perfume, jewelry, and flowers


Any gifts that you are giving or receiving on your wedding day are a MUST to photograph. It’s even better if your photographer can capture the reaction of the receiver! I recently photographed a wedding where the groom (who is a jeweler) hand made pendants to give to each of the bridesmaids. Isn’t that the sweetest thing you have ever heard? They were beautiful, and he handed them out after the first look.

groom giving bridesmaids handmade gifts


Whether it’s something sentimental or silly, it should be photographed! I recently photographed a wedding in Vermont where the groom kept a small bottle of maple syrup with him to drink throughout the day. That, of course, had to be captured! I also photographed a backyard wedding where the couple lived in a yurt (that they built themselves!) which they incorporated into their cake topper! Thoughtful details like those need to be remembered.

groom holding small bottle of maple syrup, and yurt cake topper

As you can see, there are SO many details that your photographer should capture. With all of the thought you put into every part of your big day, it all deserves to be remembered!

For more ideas, check out this helpful list!

Wedding Day Photo Checklist

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February 28, 2019

February 28, 2019

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