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A customizable showit site template designed to help you level up your client experience with ease and prepare your clients for their session


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Are you a portrait photographer who uses Showit to house their website? This template is for you...

Before I started sending my clients a style guide before every session, I found a few things:
➡️My photos looked inconsistent from shoot to shoot
➡️My clients felt unprepared and nervous for their sessions
➡️My client experience seemed bland
➡️It was hard for me to stand out in a saturated market

Since I started sending a style guide, everything has changed! Now, I find that:
✨The style of my photos is much more consistent
✨My clients always come dressed picture-perfect, which helped elevate my brand!
✨My clients know exactly what to expect and feel confident in front of my camera
✨The value of my portrait experience increased drastically
✨I easily stand out among other photographers!

Not only is sending a style guide a total game changer, but sending it as a SITE instead of a PDF is even better! Since I started sending my guide as a page on my site, I have found that my clients read it more thoroughly and value it more. Plus, it's WAY easier for me to update whenever I want!

what's included in the templatE...

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The Senior Style Guide Showit Template includes:

A fully customizable web page template for Showit users

Detailed instructions on how to upload it to your Showit account, both in written and video format

A beautifully designed interface with little needed adjustments to fit your branding

Pre-written copy so that you can prepare your clients for their session with ease

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kind words

"With this style guide, Allison literally helped me check off something that has been on my business to-do list for years. I knew that having a style guide would be crucial in preparing my customers for their sessions, but it was just something that was hard for me to get done on my own. Writing copy is a challenge for me, so purchasing this guide saved me hours of time that I would have otherwise put into creating it. The guide itself is super comprehensive - there are brilliant tips for each aspect of the session (clothing, expressions, hair & makeup, etc), and the best part is, all the copy is written for you! Just a few tweaks and within a half-hour I’ve got a style guide that is good to go!"

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You either don't have a style guide yet, or the PDF you've been sending just isn't cutting it anymore.

You want to level up your client experience and stand out in your market.

You've been frustrated with your sessions because your clients aren't dressing camera-ready.

You don't know how to educate your clients in a way that is respectful and professional, but still shows off your personality. 

You're tired of emailing back and forth about outfit suggestions, and Pinterest boards just aren't working.

frequently asked questions

"how is this delivered?"




This product is delivered as PDF including the design key for the template and instructions on how to upload it to your Showit account!

It's a one time purchase to receive lifetime access to the template.

As soon as you hit "buy", the instructional PDF with the design key should arrive in your inbox in minutes so that you can dive deep into customization right away!

As long as you have a Showit account to house your website, you're good to go!

So, are you ready to LEVEL UP your client experience and fill your calendar with seniors that are dressed to make you swoon?
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