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The Senior Posing course provides easy and actionable ways to boost your senior business through clear and confident posing, and a Proven strategy that allows you to build maximum variety into every session!

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> You have a Pinterest board full of poses, but your brain goes blank when it comes time for a senior session.
> You come home from sessions feeling defeated because you couldn't remember enough poses to fill the time.
> You wish that you and your senior felt more comfortable and confident during your sessions.
> You want to be able to create Instagram-worthy poses, but you just don't know how to communicate them.

When I first started my business, I felt the same exact way. I would sit in my car before each session and frantically scroll through poses on Pinterest in an attempt to commit them to memory, only to forget everything the moment I picked up my camera. I was nervous when communicating with my seniors, and it translated to their images. I didn't know how to prepare them or how to get them to trust me, and it made my posing and images suffer!

Tell me if any of these sound like you...

Now, I have a posing strategy that I can replicate from session to session, ensuring that I'll never forget a pose again. I can easily build in maximum posing variety into every gallery, allowing me to over-deliver to my clients. My seniors are confident in front of my lens now, feeling comfortable and prepared from start to finish. The strategies I have learned have drastically improved my senior experience, and they can do the same for yours!

The Senior Posing Course is a 5 module, 17 lesson course that is packed with easily digestible, no-fluff content for senior portrait photographers. The course covers topics like...

How to confidently use posing to level up your senior client experience

How to utilize a posing strategy that can be replicated from session to session

How to build trust with your senior BEFORE they even step in front of your camera so that you can ask them to do more complex poses

Ways to prepare your senior for the best possible posing outcome

My basic poses and how I BUILD them into advanced, Instagram-worthy poses that seniors love

An entire UNCUT senior session so you can watch what you learned in the course put into action!

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before and afters from my own senior photography business...

don't believe me? That's okay! 

- B.photogenic photography

"You NEED this course if you are a senior photographer! Like Allison, I would search Pinterest before a session for inspiration and that is no more. The way Allison breaks down each pose and the huge hour long video of her working with a senior is amazing! You get to see how she poses quickly, gets a lot of variety in her gallery while instilling confidence in her client. Last but not least, this you will watch this course and have actionable tips you can implement right away!"

- Lizzy roop photography

"This course was very well put together and absolutely made a positive difference in my photography process in posing my clients. I learned so much from this course, it was a total eye opener on how building trust with your clients is such an integral part of a photography business. Seeing how passionate Allison is about both her clients and her students really sparked something in me. This course really helped me build the confidence I need to build my business. Thank you so so much Allison for putting this course together for photographers like me who needed a little a boost in self confidence! You have been one of my favorite photographers to follow, the passion you have for what you do could move mountains!"

Here's what other photogs had to say after taking the course...

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still wondering if this course is for you?

Here are some of the things that a better posing strategy can do for you...

Get rid of those nerves you're feeling before each session - bye bye Pinterest scrolling!

Improve your client experience by making your clients feel confident and comfortable in front of your lens

Grow your galleries as you're able to build variety into every single pose

Get you more senior bookings as every client walks away from their experience as raving fan

Eliminate the guesswork so that you're ensured to have hundreds of amazing images after every session

"But how much does confident posing actually do for your senior experience?"

"I had the most amazing experience with Allison. She made my senior session stress free and even fun. I consider myself an awkward person when it comes down to posing for pictures, but she helped me through every pose, and made it so easy! Definitely recommending Allison to everyone!"

"Allison was amazing to work with! From the beginning to end of my session she posed me in the ways she thought would come out best for my senior pictures which I loved! Her outgoing and friendly personality also made this experience one I will always remember! Definitely recommend Allison for all future seniors!" 

It's okay, I'd be skeptical too! But if you don't want to hear it from me, here's what my own clients had to say about their senior experience with me...

Confident posing, clear communication, and posing strategies really DO make a difference in your seniors' perception of their experience, the proof is in the pudding!

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module one: welcome to the course

This 3 lesson module, we'll be discussing everything you can hope to get out of this course! While this is a posing course, there is so much more that goes into posing than meets the eye, and we'll be taking a deep dive into all of the little things that make up a successful posing strategy.  

module two: building trust & confidence

This 4 lesson module, we'll be uncovering how big of a role trust and confidence play in posing. I go over all of the different ways that I build my seniors' confidence and trust in me before and during their session, and how those things allow us to work into complex poses.

module three: posing basics

This 4 lesson module, I go over all of the different basic poses that I keep in my memory bank, and how I use each of these basic poses in my personal posing strategy. You'll be able to watch me pose a model in real time and hear how I communicate each pose to her!

module four: pose building

This 5 lesson module, I reveal my personal posing strategy: pose building! This is the tactic that I use to build maximum variety into each basic pose, resulting in hundreds of unique images to deliver to my senior. This strategy will help you break free from Pinterest-scrolling, and will ensure that you never run out of poses again!

module five: uncut session

In the final module, you'll be able to tag along with me to a real session, watching the entire thing from start to finish. You'll be able to see how I pose a senior in real time, and hear how I communicate everything that you learned in the previous modules!

a complete breakdown of

the senior posing course

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20 page workbook to help guide you through your learning experience

My personal Senior Questionnaire for you to implement in your own senior experience

Exclusive discounts on the Style Guide Templates in the ACP Resource Shop

Access to the ACP Alumni Facebook group, where you get unlimited support from myself and the other course students

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About the Educator...

I am a full-time senior portrait and wedding photographer based out of New Hampshire, and I have been for the past seven years! My business began when I was only in high school, and has since grown beyond my wildest dreams. I went from averaging around 20 seniors per year to over 60, and have more than quadrupled my prices along the way. I am now one of the most sought after senior photographers in my area, and I owe it all to the experience I provide, the way I make my clients feel, and the heart behind every little thing that I do. I'm so happy that you're here, and I cannot wait to help you learn and grow!

Hey there, I'm allison!