the editing mini course

this mini course teaches portrait photographers my entire editing process from start to finish, all in less time than an episode of the bachelor.

learn how to transform your portrait editing workflow so that you can complete galleries in half the time, without sacrificing quality.

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> You spend hours behind your computer screen after a session, but don't want to outsource your editing
> You feel like your images aren't consistent, either from session to session or between photos from the same session
> You're still learning all of the ins and outs of Lightroom, it's overwhelming!
> You know there are shortcuts and timesavers out there, you just don't know how to use them

When I first started my business, I felt the same exact way. I would get home from a senior session and spend upwards of 8-10 HOURS editing, an entire work day! Despite all of this hard work, I would feel defeated when delivering galleries because I KNEW that my images weren't all consistent, and I didn't know how to fix it.

Tell me if any of these sound like you...

Flash forward to now, I can cull, edit, and export an ENTIRE senior session in just two hours, because I learned the ins and outs of my programs, utilize the shortcuts that are available to me, and my images are actually BETTER now because of it!
A system that saves you time AND gives you a better outcome
I wish I knew sooner it was possible!

Learn my proven workflow to editing your portraits faster & more consistently without the headache of trial and error.

The Editing Mini Course is a 5 module, 13 lesson virtual course that is packed with easily digestible, no-fluff content for portrait photographers looking to speed up their workflow and produce better images. Finish this course in an hour and learn topics including...

My four editing philosophies that are crucial in every step of the process

How I cull an entire senior gallery in less than ten minutes 

How I set up my Lightroom Catalogs for speed and success

All of the Global and Local edits that I do on every portrait

Retouching & spot removal for a polished finish that still looks natural

The secret shortcuts that I use to save time behind my computer while making my images MORE consistent!

I want in!

still wondering if this course is for you?

some things you can do now that you spend less time editing...

Impress your clients with a faster delivery time, thus improving your overall client experience!

Book more portrait sessions now that you spend a fraction of the time behind your computer, hello $$$!

Finally update that website or client guide you've been pushing off because you haven't had the time 😳

Enjoy your new found free time and RELAX, did you forget what that feels like??

WHAT PROGRAMS DO I NEED TO succeed in this course?

In this course, I cover my entire editing workflow which includes two programs: FastRawViewer and Lightroom Classic. While FastRawViewer isn't absolutely necessary to complete this course, it will help ensure the most success. Lightroom Classic is a must!

When do i get access?

As soon as you checkout! You'll receive an email to help log you in. You can complete the course on your own schedule, and rewatch it as many times as you want! You'll have lifetime access, even when the course gets updated and new content is added. 

I don't want to edit bright and colorful, is this course still for me?

While the preset included in this course is for a bright and colorful style, the rest of the course still applies to you even if you don't use it! It will simply help give you a structured workflow for speedy and consistent editing, no matter your style. 

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out to me at with any further questions! I'm happy to help answer them and determine if this course is the right fit for you. 


did someone say...


Thirty page workbook to help guide you through your learning experience

The only place you can find my signature preset!

Exclusive discounts on the Guides & Templates in the ACP Resource Shop

Great editing starts with great shooting, which is why I'm including my entire gear list as well!

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In addition to all of the video lessons, you'll also receive...

Access to the ACP Alumni Facebook group, where you get unlimited support from myself and the other course students

module one: welcome to the course

This two lesson module, we'll be discussing everything you can hope to get out of this course. We'll cover my four editing philosophies that will come up time and time again throughout every step of my workflow. These principles are what have led me to drastically cut my editing time without compromising quality.

module two: culling

This two lesson module, we'll cover the program I use to cull images! We'll also discuss why I use it over competitors, and a full walk through of my culling workflow. Then, you'll get to watch me put it into action and cull an entire senior session in 10 minutes!

module three: lightroom workflow

This five lesson module, we'll discuss Lightroom catalogs, global edits, and local edits! I'll cover how to make a preset work to your advantage, different types of local edits to make your portraits look more polished, all while spending less than a few minutes on each image.

module four: TIME SAVING

This three lesson module, I'll cover my best time saving tips! This includes how I structure my post-processing workflow to make the most of my time, and some sneaky Lightroom shortcuts to ensure that your images are equally consistent!

module five: WRAP UP

This module will conclude the course, and leave you with the key takeaways you need for success! Download the workbook, my own personal Lightroom preset, and make some magic! Mini course students also receive an exclusive discount on my signature course, the Senior Posing Course!

a complete breakdown of

The Editing Mini Course

About the Educator...

I am a full-time senior portrait and wedding photographer based out of New Hampshire, and I have been for the past seven years! My business began when I was only in high school, and has since grown beyond my wildest dreams. I went from averaging around 20 seniors per year to over 60, and have more than quadrupled my prices along the way. I am now one of the most sought after senior photographers in my area, and I owe it all to the experience I provide, the way I make my clients feel, and the heart behind every little thing that I do. I'm so happy that you're here, and I cannot wait to help you learn and grow!

Hey there, I'm allison!